Make your SharePoint intranet attractive again with Viva Connections

As an organization, you would like to have one place where your employees are going to gather all the needed information like procedures, News, Announcements, and documents,… All the options in SharePoint make it possible for your organization to create a place like that. Even with a powerful Search function users are complaining they don't find the information they need on your Intranet. Is the structure wrong? Do you have the wrong navigation? Didn't you talk about what's important for your users?

Anouck knows this struggle like no one else; in her role as a consultant, she sees many companies having this issue. With Microsoft Viva connections you can build a dashboard on your intranet. In this dashboard, you can highlight the most important sections of your intranet.

Join Anouck's session to learn how Microsoft Viva Connections will make your SharePoint intranet attractive for your users.

Anouck Fierens


Mol, Belgium


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