Shape Up Your Testing Strategy: Balancing Unit, Integration, and E2E Tests

Are you struggling to figure out the right balance of unit tests, integration tests, and e2e tests in your PHP projects? Look no further! This talk aims to make some clarity in the different types of tests and when to use them. We'll explore the importance of unit tests (and what a unit really is), and when to rely on broader integration or e2e tests for testing the behaviour of bigger chunks of your application. We'll also cover the different test shapes, such as the pyramid and trophy, and what kind of development experience they might lead you to.

Attendees will leave with less confusion about the benefits and limitations of each test type and how to use them to effectively improve the quality of their software.

I will start with defining the different level of tests, then diving into the different test strategies and what they are best for, with benefits and tradeoffs. I'll also bring very simple code examples, but not live coding.

Antonello D'Ippolito

Software engineer @ Mollie

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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