Why your team needs some slack time

If your system's resources are always at 100% capacity, you must have a highly efficient system, right? And if your team members are working as hard as they can, at 100% capacity all the time, you should be proud of that, right?

Life, and especially software engineering, is full of counterintuitive truths. The relationship between efficiency and effectiveness is one such example: the answer to both questions is a resounding no.

In this talk, we will explore how a development team is similar to a queue system, and how we can use queue theory to reduce the time it takes to deliver new features to production, and ultimately create a more effective team.

The talk will revolve around the theory of queues applied to development teams, and some principles taken from "Principles of Product Development Flow".

Antonello D'Ippolito

Software engineer @ Mollie

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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