AI for Web : Web for AI

This talk explores the inter-dependence of the World Wide Web and the field of Artificial Intelligence, tracing both the storylines from their independent routes, to chronologically reaching the current day amalgamation, while discussing the major milestones of their relationship. The talk would be the complete story of the merging together of two fields, the factors that made them mutually beneficial and the projected future.


1. Introduction to Speaker and Topic intuition
2. The Roots of Web and AI - Mutual independence
3. The Birth of Semantic Nets - First acknowledgement
4. ELIZA, the ARPANET baby - Gaining popularity
5. Stanford's SUMEX-AIM - Establishment of Partnership
6. The Semantic Web Road map by Tim Berner’s Lee - From the Father’s Pen
7. The Rise of the Crawlers - Web as the Fuel of AI
8. OWL Web Ontology Language by W3C - A standard Pact signed
9. Assistants, Advertisements, Security - Today
10. Looking ahead - The Future

Anubhav Singh

CTO @ Dynopii Inc., Google Developer Expert in ML & GCP

Kolkata, India

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