Job Scheduling on Google Cloud

This session will explore the different services available in GCP for performing various types of job scheduling. We'll discuss which method to use and when, and show basic demos of each method.

We'll be exploring options for job scheduling via GCP services and third party tools, along with the benefits and pitfalls of the different methods.

Talk Outline:
1. Introduction
2. What is Job Scheduling and its importance
3. Types of Scheduling
3.1. Time-based Scheduling
3.2. Monitoring and Logging
3.3. Event response
3.4. Event-based Scheduling
3.5. Error Handling and Retries
3.6. System Maintenance
4. Methods of Job Scheduling
4.1. Cloud Scheduler
4.2. Cloud Functions
4.3. Cloud Pub/Sub
4.4. Cloud Workflows
5. Demos
5.1. Using cron jobs
5.2. Using framework event triggers
5.3. Using Cloud Scheduler
5.4. Using Pub/Sub
5.5. Using Workflows
6. Conclusion

Anubhav Singh

CTO @ Dynopii Inc., Google Developer Expert in ML & GCP

Kolkata, India

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