The Do's and Dont's of building an AI powered website

Considering the vastness to which web applications can grow, and the strong dependence of nearly every other platform for a backend running as a web-based service, it is important for the backend to be well thought of and properly executed. Artificial Intelligence-based applications even in a Proof of Concept stage are often not blazing fast in responding or take a lot of time to train on the new samples. I shall be discussing tips and tricks to make a backend which does not choke under pressure of a production website.

Headings -

1. AI in the Web - Do you see it?
2. Is your AI model fast enough?
3. The Qualification Checklist of an AI backend
4. How to re-design an AI backend to be fast
5. How to update AI models on the production

Anubhav Singh

CTO @ Dynopii Inc., Google Developer Expert in ML & GCP

Kolkata, India

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