Matthew Dolan

Information & Communications Technology

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London, England, United Kingdom

Move over certificate pinning. Certificate transparency is here!

Failing to protect your users data can not only result in fines but of course loss of your users trust.

We can protect our apps against man-in-the-middle attacks using techniques such as certificate pinning. However, as we will see, implementing certificate pinning requires us to answer questions such as which certificate to pin against that doesn’t have a straight forward answer.

We will introduce certificate transparency which has already replaced certificate pinning in Google Chrome and show how to use it on Android with a new open source certificate transparency library from Babylon Health.

Matthew Dolan

Senior Android Engineer

Matt Dolan has been developing with Android since the dark days of v1.6. When he's not eating doughnuts he's passionate about bringing developers and designers together to #buildbetterapps

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