Alex's quest for quality

Quality remains a bit controversial topic. What is even more controversial, though, is the what testing has to do with the quality. Throughout my career, I was lucky (or not so lucky) to work as Tester, SDET and developer, and I may have very bad news for you.

Surprising, only after moving into Development role I was actually able to (efficiently) improve the quality of the product. There were quite a few lessons learned, and some scientific research performed.

I would like to share my experience and findings and suggest what it may mean for Testers and the industry in general.

1) Development team, approach and techniques are the main source of quality (or issues with quality) for a product
2) Holistic view on the product delivery and role of testing in it: Testing as a part of QA, which is a part of Risk Management, which is a part of...
3) Learning path to stay competitive in the world with the decreasing demand for testers

Alexander Pushkarev

Software Craftsperson, TripAdvisor, Cambride, UK

Cambridge, United Kingdom


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