Case for testing as an entry-level developer job

Amond the testers it is often said that the fact that testing is often considered as "an easy way to become an IT specialist" is very unfortunate. Testing is a demanding, challenging and interesting job. I even wrote a whole article suggesting that we should not allow testing to be an 'entry-level developer' job.

On the other hand, our industry has seen more than one successful example of people coming from non-CS backgrounds starting their career as testers and then, after some, moving into development. That was my own path as well.

Could it be the case that the idea is not that horrible itself? Could I possibly make a case for testing as an entry-level developer job?

In this talk we will explore:
1)Why it happens that many use testing as an entry-level job?
2) What drawback it has?
3) What are there any benefits for candidates, company and industry in general?

Alexander Pushkarev

Software Craftsperson, TripAdvisor, Cambride, UK

Cambridge, United Kingdom


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