Tao DevOps

Let’s put our laptops aside and forget about Docker updates. Close your eyes and listen to the tale of DevOps culture, a story that occured in a pretty unusual place – in an airplane cockpit during a plane crash.

We will find out that, as with pretty much every new field today, DevOps appeared before the term ‘DevOps’ was coined. So why did this happen? Why does DevOps have such a profound effect on product quality and development effectiveness?

Let’s look at the DevOps phenomenon from the perspective of a test-focused developer and development-focused tester.
-Which tools are the most important in DevOps?
-What is DevOps at its core?
-What is Tao of DevOps and is it possible to find zen with it?

Alexander Pushkarev

Software Craftsperson, TripAdvisor, Cambride, UK

Cambridge, United Kingdom


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