Workshop: Building an effective test automation

There're lots of "best practices" for test automation, like Test Pyramid, Page Object Model, Layered frameworks but still test automation initiatives fail to deliver expected results.

There're lots of test automation specialists, but yet, not everybody knows why test automation was launched on their project in the first place.

There're probably two extreme viewpoints on Test Automation - test automation as a way to assure quality and test automation as a way to drive development. Knowing that we're all living in a real-world with limited time and resources - can we imagine something in the middle?

Let's us go through 50 shades of test automation efficiency and learn to find our way towards our goal.

-Decision-making framework to make sufficient (adequate) test coverage for top-to-bottom (from unit to UI) and bottom-to-top (from UI to unit) test automation.

-Understanding (on practice example) the effect that application architecture has on test automation and a way to increase test automation efficiency.

Alexander Pushkarev

Software Craftsperson, TripAdvisor, Cambride, UK

Cambridge, United Kingdom


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