Break Terraform State Lease Using Github Actions

In this Session, I will demonstrate how to Break Terraform State Lease Using GitHub Actions


In Order to Protect State File from Accidental Deletion or Tampering, Direct User Access to Terraform State File is Prohibited.

While Build IaC [Infrastructure-As-Code] Using Terraform, DevOps Engineer tend to Run the Code locally by manually executing Terraform Init, Plan and Apply Commands respectively.

During this whole Process, there might be Situation, where the Terraform State file is in Locked State and Unless the Lock is released, the code cannot be executed anymore (Manually or using GitHub Actions Workflow).

This is where, this workflow comes as rescue.

The GitHub Actions Workflow runs in the Runner using Azure Credentials which is Az Service Principal Credentials behind the Scene with Appropriate RBAC [Role Based Access Control] applied on Subscription or Resource Group Level.

For more details, please refer my blog:-

Arindam Mitra

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