Infrastructure Security using Azure Devops

In this Session, I demonstrated Infrastructure Security using Azure Devops.

Additionally, I successfully executed 3 Live Demos, covering 3 different areas of Cloud Infrastructure Security.

1. Immutable laws of Security.
2. Identity Access Management (IAM).
3. Identity Access Management (IAM) with Devops.
4. Subscription, Resource Group, and Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
5. Role Based Access Controls with Devops.
6. Measures to Protect Azure Services and Azure Devops.
7. Microsoft Defender for Cloud.
8. Microsoft Defender for Devops.
9. 3 Live demos covering 3 different areas of Cloud Infrastructure Security
10. Questions.

For more details, please refer my blog:-

Arindam Mitra

Microsoft MVP in Developer Technologies | Azure Cloud Solutions & DevOps Architect | Technical Blogger | Speaker | Traveler | Citizen of the World

Zürich, Switzerland


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