Implementing a successful user engagement during Power BI rollout

When you rollout Power BI in an organization it´s important to engage user and help them so they feel comfortable using the tool.
Training is a big part of that but active user community is also very important. The end goal is to help users help each other and themselves but it doesn’t happen by itself.

In this session you will hear about how you can setup a successful Power BI community in your organization. This presentation is based on a real use case where a successful Power BI user community has been running for almost two years. You will hear about it from two different perspectives. Technical perspective presented and a organizational perspective. Both perspectives are important and it´s hard to see how a user group can be successful without them both being successful.

The technical perspective will go into how you make sure you have the right tools and the right technical know how to make sure users get their questions answered and get some technical knowledge out of the community? If the users don´t see value they stop attending.

The organizational perspective will go into how you setup the right structure for the community to succeed and prosper? It will also talk about how you manage such a community and what kind of backing is needed to make it a success?

The attendees will take away advice and concrete suggestions on how to run a successful user group in their organization.

Ásgeir Gunnarsson

Data Platform MVP

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland


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