Next Step Power BI Tabular model development

Today most people use Power BI Desktop to develop datasets. While Power BI Desktop is a great tool for the citizen developer it also has limitations. If you want to take your development skills to the next level, you should consider using Tabular Editor (free or paid version) to develop your data models.

Tabular Editor is a tool for developing tabular data models (Power BI or Analysis Services). It allows the developer to be more productive by separating the model metadata and the actual data. This allows for scripting, multiselect editing and best practice analyzing. Since you are only working with metadata it allows for easier integration with source control and DevOps.

This training day will help you transition from Power BI Desktop to Tabular Editor. You will be much more productive and will (optionally) be able to integrate data model development into DevOps processes. We will start by developing a simple data model and gradually introduce advanced data modelling techniques in Tabular Editor.

In this training the following topics will be covered:
• Benefits of Tabular Editor
• Role playing dimensions
• Multiple fact tables at different granularity
• Many-to-many relationships
• Perspectives and partitions
• Best practice analyzer
• Advanced scripting
• VertiPaq storage engine
• Deployment and DevOps
• Object level security
• Calculation Groups

At the end of this training day the attendee will come away with the following knowledge:
• Why use Tabular Editor
• How to use Tabular Editor to develop tabular models
• How to further the quality of tabular models

For the best experience the attendees should have access to a Premium or Premium Per User workspace. If the user does not we will provide you with access to a premium per user workspace in our training tenant.

Ásgeir Gunnarsson

Data Platform MVP

Hafnarfjörður, Iceland

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