Building Superpowered Forms For the Web

Forms are foundational for almost every website you interact with today. So shouldn’t we invest in building the best forms we can?

I spent several years studying everything about forms that I could. Now, I want to show you how to use modern techniques to build forms with superpowers.

Things you'll learn:
- The perfect markup for semantic, accessible inputs
- CSS-only UX improvements that no longer need JS
- Custom input validation without a library
- How JavaScript can improve accessibility
- Submitting forms without a full page reload
- Adding retry logic on failed submissions
- Preventing data-loss from reloads or navigation
- Avoiding race-conditions on multiple requests
- Building forms that work even when JavaScript fails
- Ways we can improve server-side APIs

Austin Gil

Developer Advocate & Cool Dude at Akamai

Portland, Oregon, United States

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