Let's build our first AI chatbot with OpenAI

Want to build the next big AI tool? Great! In this workshop, we'll learn about what AI tools are available, how they work, and how to get started building AI tools using OpenAI.

We'll have some time to workshop issues and ideas, so you can take the initial project and make it your own.

Finally, we'll even get the project deployed to your own VPS, so you can share it with the world.

This workshop is an introduction for web developers to start integrating AI into your projects, so you aren't expected to have much experience with AI.

You should, however, be familiar with web development technologies. Be comfortable working with the command line, know some basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and be familiar with dealing with HTTP requests and responses.

In addition to that knowledge, here are some technical requirements that would be helpful to sort out before showing up:
- Have an OpenAI account ( with credits and an API key ready
- Have a domain name if you want to deploy publicly
- Have a VPS available if you want to deploy publicly. If you don't have one and would like one, you can sign up for Linode at to get $100 in free credits
- Bring a laptop with Node.js, NPM, Git, and a code editor installed
- Clone then from the project's root, run the 'npm install' command to download dependencies

Please do all this before the day of the workshop so that we can hit the ground running and not have to worry about clogging up the wifi bandwidth by downloading tons of dependencies at the same time.

Austin Gil

Developer Advocate (& Pinball Aficionado) @ Akamai

Portland, Oregon, United States


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