Real Time Problem-Solving with Anomaly Detection

Anomaly Detection can be an incredibly powerful tool to uncover actionable information quickly and easily. By using ThirdEye and Apache Pinot, businesses can find anomalies in real time, perform root cause analytics, and make decisions with confidence.

This session will provide users with the knowledge they need to start taking advantage of this platform today. We will explore how Anomaly Detection works, how to perform root cause analysis, and how to implement it in a practical way for any organization.

What is ThirdEye? It is an Anomaly Detection platform build on top of Real Time DBs such as Apache Pinot.
Who Uses it? Walmart, LinkedIn, Confluence,, JustEat.
What's the catch? None! Originally built at Linkedin as part of Apache Pinot project, the ThridEye Community Edition is free to try and highly pluggable platform that anyone can download and start using today!

ThirdEye is an add on to real time DBS such as Apache Pinot.

Barkha Herman

Speaker, Developer Advocate, Technologist, Podcaster, WiT Advocate and mentor.

Pompano Beach, Florida, United States


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