Barnam Bora

AI: A Non-Negotiable Skill in 2020 & Beyond

In this session I will analyse some of my past experience and observations, recognize and highlight the mega-trends that define the world of AI today & deliberate a few pieces of skill building advice to empower yourself and your organizations with AI in 2020 and beyond.

Having built and led large AI organizations in major companies over the past few years there have been some significant learnings, failures and triumphs in my own AI driven career. I will be sharing a candid picture on them and using the opportunity to showcase how accessible AI truly is for everyone regardless of their level of prior knowledge and experience.

Barnam Bora

Cloud Developer Advocacy Leader - Microsoft

Barnam's PURPOSE and vision is to make the world more Intelligent every day through a Data Driven Mindset.

He now leads the Cloud Advocacy organisation at Microsoft in Asia. Helping developers achieve more is a major passion area for him and he feels super lucky to lead a team that is solely focused on helping developers be more successful everyday.

He previously lead Amazon's Artificial Intelligence Business across Asia-Pacific where his team was focused on helping organizations and people, in envisioning, developing and operationalizing innovative business development strategies and solutions through the adoption of AI. He worked on helping customers enable rapid growth scenarios through the power of the cloud by moving from Data to Insight to Foresight.

Previously he managed a high growth engineering program for Artificial Intelligence at Microsoft, based at Microsoft's Head Quarters in Redmond, Washington in the USA. Prior to that, Barnam has had extensive experience in advising the largest companies and organizations of the Australia & Asia Pacific Regions as a Technology Strategy Advisor and a Specialist for Microsoft based out of Australia.

Barnam is also the Founder of the "Citizen Data Scientists - Melbourne" meetup which now has over 4000+ members (

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