Barney Lawrence

DAX Explained Through Dance, Memes and Dad Jokes

Moving beyond the basics of DAX can as tough as learning to tap-dance without falling in the sink. Several of the key concepts you need to understand can be hard to grasp before more complex expressions can be confidently written.
This session will help anyone who is either looking to move their formulae up to the next level or looking to support others in doing the same by providing new ways of thinking about some of these concepts.
Together we will explore filter contexts with punchlines, learn how row contexts are like a barn dance, how CALCULATE can work like a distracted boyfriend, and discover what makes a Zebra Fish blush.

Barney Lawrence

Senior BI Developer

Barney Lawrence has over a decade's experience on the Microsoft data platform having moved from the guy who knows Excel, to Data Analyst, to Accidental BI Developer and finally to Actual BI Developer. He currently works as a Senior BI Developer for

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