Barry Tarlton

Information & Communications Technology

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How Exploding Birthday Cakes and Other CRAZY Projects Come to Life

Have an amazingly crazy idea for an Arduino or RaspberryPi project, but can't find a tutorial to help bring it to life? Do even the Googles seem unable to help you get started on the road less traveled? This session will prepare you to go beyond the average maker tutorials found online and help you realize your full and unique potential with Arduino and RaspberryPi projects. Whether you want to be a huge hit at your kids next birthday party by creating an interactive cake, you want to remotely move scenery around for the High School Musical, or maybe you want to bring your favorite video games to life, this talk will examine what's involved when you want to move beyond the obligatory "blink" tutorial and put your own bizarre spin on problem solving. You will learn how to pick the best platform for your project, powerful programming techniques, how to approach the design process, and much more. This session will educate, motivate, and blow up cake with mad science technology and creative mojo!

Barry Tarlton

MacGyver like Problem Solver and Tech Teacher!

Barry is passionate about learning, problem solving, and teaching. He believes that software developers are problem solvers at heart and the languages and platforms we work with are simply the tools in our utility belts. Barry can often be found trying to inspire and educate others both inside and outside of work. Whether he's MacGyver'ing IOT solutions together or leading a hackathon team, he loves innovating and constantly trying new things.

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