Azure Services for Microservice Developers

The Microsoft Azure landscape can be huge and overwhelming if you don't know where to start. In this session I'd like to focus on a few services that can be of additional value to your new or existing microservices. Whether you need an api or a worker, Azure is your bet.

When you move your code to the cloud in an online repository you don't want hardcoded credentials in your codebase. Key Vault is a password safe that integrates fully with the Microsoft stack.

There are different services for messaging (events & queues) that come native in the Azure stack. Event grid and Service Bus are easy to start with and powerful in features.

If your microservice is tiny enough you might want to consider a nosql database. Mssql can be overkill if you just need one table. Azure Cache for Redis and Azure Cosmos DB can be interesting alternatives.

Finally, you can control exposure of your API with API Management and I'll briefly touch on Application Insights for monitoring your deployment.

Knowing your options is important when architecting your next application. This overview will help you navigate through the flood of Azure services that are around.

Bart Kooijmans

Software Engineer at Team Rockstars IT

Waalwijk, The Netherlands


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