Help! They want me to use Linux!

In the recent years, Microsoft has become more aware of Linux and open source software. .Net Core is a big hit, Sql Server runs on Linux, they open source everything. You’re using or deploying other people’s software and now you’re asked about Linux. But how are you as a Microsoft minded developer fitting in to this all. You’re quite comfortable in your all Microsoft setup and now you need to use Linux. HELP!

In this session, we'll use SSH to connect to a linux machine; show the basic commands; deploy/copy some executable or binaries to the machine; and finally, run an executable using Mono.Net and .Net Core.
You'll learn that Linux is easy and there is nothing to be afraid of.

duration: 45 min; audience: Microsoft .net developers; first public delivery: .NET Zuid (Netherlands)

Bart Kooijmans

Software Engineer at Team Rockstars IT

Waalwijk, The Netherlands

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