Simplify running your VM applications by using Docker in Azure Container Instances

Want to use Docker, but having trouble on where to start? Welcome Azure Container Instances! The ‘serverless’ VM that really amazed me in its completeness. I’ll show you how to move your legacy VM setup to Azure Container Instances, so you can start rocking with Docker!

The starting point will be a Windows VM running somewhere with your .NET software on it. Maintenance of the VM (whether on premise or cloud) lies in your hands and deploying new versions of your tool is difficult to automate. I’ll show you how to run your setup in Docker on your local machine and how to ship the entire Docker container with Azure Container Registry. Once shipped, you can easily deploy the Docker container with your app to an Azure Container Instance. Finally, I’ll walk you through the Azure Container Instances features in the Azure Portal: you can see logging, inspect Environment Variables and start a CLI session from within your browser.

first public delivery: SDN Zeist (NL) June 2019

Bart Kooijmans

Software Engineer at Team Rockstars IT

Waalwijk, The Netherlands

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