Azure Enterprise Policy as Code (EPAC)

Managing Azure Policy through the portal can be a hassle, especially when your tenant(s) become of a certain size.

In this session we take a lookat the Enterprise Policy as Code (EPAC) solution from Microsoft.
EPAC comprises a number of scripts which can be used in CI/CD based system or a semi-automated use to deploy Policies, Policy Sets, Assignments, Policy Exemptions and Role Assignments.

In this session:
- What is EPAC and how does it work?
- How does EPAC relate to Landing Zones and AzAdvertizer
- Determine your Desired State Strategy
- Managing Policies, PolicySets (Initiatives) and Assignments walk through

After this session you have a good understanding on how EPAC works and a good idea on where to start your own PoC and implementation.

Target audience: Azure Architects, DevOps Engineers, Security Engineers
Session time: ~45min

Bastiaan Wassenaar

Works hard, plays harder with Microsoft Azure

Voss, Norway


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