Hub-spoke virtual networks in Azure.

Vnet integration of Azure services can be a challenge sometimes and is often a complex theme. There are several things you need to understand and keep in mind while designing and implementing this.

In this session we walk through the following subjects:
- The history of vnets, service endpoints and private endpoints.
- hub-spoke network topology in practice, what you need to make it work.
- How to handle DNS for Private Endpoints in a hub-spoke topology.

After this session you have a good overview and in-depth knowledge about the most important building blocks to create a solid foundation for your environment.

I have had this talk many times internally in several organizations. It's now time to take it out to the community. It's a complex and much discussed topic.
Meetups and conferences: NIC Oslo 2023, Azure User Group Norway.

Bastiaan Wassenaar

Works hard, plays harder with Microsoft Azure

Voss, Norway

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