Breaking Java Stereotypes: It's Not Your Dad's Language Anymore

Forget what you thought you knew about Java. This isn't the clunky language of yesteryear. With a wave of powerful new features, Java has shed its verbose reputation and emerged as a streamlined, expressive force in modern development.

In this talk, we'll dive into the Java renaissance. Explore records, sealed classes, pattern matching, and string templates – the tools that are making Java code more concise and elegant than ever before. We'll also take a peek at virtual threads and structured concurrency, features that streamline multithreading for the modern era.

Ready for a fresh look at an old favourite? Discover the Java that will surprise you and transform the way you code.

Bazlur Rahman

Java Champion 🏆 Empowering Developers through Speaking 🗣️ Writing ✍️ Mentoring 🤝 & Community Building 🌍 Published Author 📖 Contributing Editor at InfoQ and Foojay.IO

Toronto, Canada


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