Breaking Java Stereotypes: It's Not Your Dad's Language Anymore

Discover the transformed Java programming language that defies stereotypes and embraces modernity. Explore its evolution with features like Records, Pattern Matching, Sealed Classes, Functional Programming, Virtual Threads, Structured Concurrency, String Templates, Flexible Main Method, Text Blocks, and Data-Oriented Programming. Learn how these advancements empower developers to write concise, expressive, and efficient code, dispelling the notion that Java is a legacy language. Join us to break the Java stereotypes and embrace the exciting possibilities of this dynamic and forward-thinking language.

Bazlur Rahman

Java Champion 🏆 Empowering Developers through Speaking 🗣️ Writing ✍️ Mentoring 🤝 & Community Building 🌍 Published Author 📖 Contributing Editor at InfoQ and Foojay.IO

Toronto, Canada


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