From Blocking to Breakthrough: A Tale of Java's Scalability Journey

Writing blocking code might seem effortless, but it comes at the cost of application responsiveness and scalability. Non-blocking code offers a path to greater efficiency and throughput. In this session, we'll chart the evolution of Java's concurrency model, exploring the trade-offs and techniques that make non-blocking development possible.

We'll start with the classic thread model, delve into Futures/Callables and CompletableFutures, touch on the power of reactive programming, and culminate with the game-changing potential of Project Loom.

Come away equipped to make informed choices about when and how to harness non-blocking code for your Java projects.

Bazlur Rahman

Java Champion 🏆 Empowering Developers through Speaking 🗣️ Writing ✍️ Mentoring 🤝 & Community Building 🌍 Published Author 📖 Contributing Editor at InfoQ and Foojay.IO

Toronto, Canada


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