Mastering Modern Concurrency in Java - A Comprehensive Deep Dive with Virtual Threads

Traditional methods of handling multiple tasks in Java have limitations, such as resource-heavy threads and complex code. These limitations can hinder performance and development speed in today's world, where fast, efficient applications are a must.

This session aims to introduce and demystify the latest Java 21 concurrency features—Virtual Threads, Structured Concurrency, Scoped Values. These tools can help you build faster, more efficient applications while keeping your code clean and manageable.

We'll deep-dive into each of these four topics through a blend of theory and practical code examples. You'll learn how to:
- Utilize Virtual Threads for efficient multitasking
- Implement Structured Concurrency for more readable and maintainable code
- Leverage Scoped Values for smarter data sharing
- Understand the continued relevance of Reactive Java in this new landscape

Whether you're a seasoned developer or an architect, this session will equip you with the knowledge and skills to implement these modern features effectively.

Join me and take the first step towards mastering the future of Java concurrency!

Bazlur Rahman

Java Champion 🏆 Empowering Developers through Speaking 🗣️ Writing ✍️ Mentoring 🤝 & Community Building 🌍 Published Author 📖 Contributing Editor at InfoQ and Foojay.IO

Toronto, Canada


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