Individuals, Interactions, and ZOMBIES!

Want a high performing "zombie" survival team? Pulling otherwise lively innovators out of a shambling, mumbling, sluggish funk? Meetings leave everyone feeling dead inside? Everyone's creative thinking in a state of utter decay?

Leverage the power of play, cultural touchstones, personal interests, containers for true collaboration, and a generous helping of humor to bring life back into your teams (and maybe even yourself). Is this necromancy? Not quite, but you can create or strengthen connection among individuals, catalyze valuable interaction, and even humanize agility.

Together, we'll explore practices, concepts, and skills to resurrect creativity, strengthen team cohesion without sacrificing personality, and achieve a successful innovation culture as we prepare to tackle inevitable obstacles ahead (without losing our brains in the process).

First public delivery of this session was at Agile Midwest 2018 Open Space, with multiple sessions at Open Space conferences since.

The needs for setup are low-tech but require a space in which folks are able to cluster for conversations and movement.

Becca Hiller

Agile + Leadership Coach & Creativity Cultivator

Louisville, Kentucky, United States


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