Struggle Agility: Getting Through It When You (and Team) Feel Over It

Angry stakeholders and missed deliveries. Floods of problems and fire drill Friday disasters. Disengaged team members and overbearing executives. Exhausted colleagues arguing with exhausted everyone. Bad anti-patterns and worse attitudes.

We’ve all been in one of these scenarios or more, sometimes all at once. How do you get your bearings and back on track when the struggle is way too real, you’re burned out, and you and your team are absolutely over all of it?

Take a breath, slow your roll, and aim for functional. Not perfect, ideal, or smooth overnight. When you and your team are over it, define "functional" for your needs and the next meaningful step forward.

In our session together, we'll talk through struggles and patterns around them, and I’ll equip you with perspective, principles, and practices to tap into your awareness, simplify your approach, and leverage your support systems to get through the now so you can thrive in the future.

First Presented via original title ("Struggle Scrum") at: Middle TN ScrumMaster Guild Meetup on March 8, 2023

Primary Audience: Agile and Organizational Leadership, Team and Agile Coaches, Scrum Masters, Team Members

Knowledge Levels:
-All Levels in areas of leadership, team dynamics, behavior change, and relationship building
-Basic Knowledge in Agile Values & Principles a plus

Approx Duration: 60 min presentation-style or 90+ min workshop

Becca Hiller

Agile + Leadership Coach & Creativity Cultivator

Louisville, Kentucky, United States


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