​How to defend against the ticking time bomb of content sprawl in Microsoft 365

Sprawl in Microsoft 365 is real. Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, Microsoft 365 Groups all have the ability to lead to uncontrolled growth with a Microsoft 365 environment. So what can you as an administrator do about it to facilitate growth and productivity in your environment in a logical and controlled way?

Maybe you already have sprawl you want to get under control, or maybe you're just getting going and want to defend against it happening in your environment. In this session, we'll dive headfirst into the governance of your Microsoft 365 environment and how you can defend against it. We'll showcase tools that are all a part of the Microsoft 365 environment so that with minimal work, you can go away empowered with the information you need successfully protect your environment from sprawl.

Ben Stegink

Microsoft Cloud Architect and Microsoft 365 MVP

Jacksonville, Florida, United States

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