Power Automate? Or Logics Apps? Or Both? Which is right for your business!

The mantra from Microsoft this year has been “Do more with less.” When I think about doing more with less, I think about automating tasks and processes. But what should I use to automate them? Naturally, Power Automate comes to mind, but what about Logic Apps? Does this decision between what to choose have you frozen? Do you stay awake at night wondering if you’ve built your automation with the wrong product? Or…have you built everything in Power Automate, and after reading the last few sentences, you’re wondering if you did something wrong?

Well, you can rest easy; this session is for you! In this session, we’ll dive into both Power Automate and Logic apps to help you better understand both. I’ll walk you through some of my thought processes when building them for my business or helping a client choose. We’ll even do some demos and build the same automation in both products so you can better understand similarities, but also differences, when it comes to Power Automate and Logic Apps. Hopefully, after this session, You’ll get a good night’s sleep knowing you made the right decisions…or maybe you’ll rush back to work to move your automation from one service to the other.

Ben Stegink

Microsoft Cloud Architect and Microsoft 365 MVP

Jacksonville, Florida, United States


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