Work Management Showdown!

It's a work management showdown! And yes…work management, not task management. I won't be discussing products like Microsoft To-Do, Apple Reminders, or even Google Tasks in any great detail. But instead, where you would track tasks, routines, or projects for a Team. Services like Planner, JIRA, Microsoft Lists, or Asana.

There are a lot of tools in this space, so don't expect to cover them all, but rather, I'll cover a few that I have experience with, reasons I use what I do (hint, as a Microsoft 365 guy, it's not Planner), and things you may want to think about when choosing one for your company. There won't be a clear winner that comes out of this showdown or, "You need to use this one," but enough information to help you make an informed decision about what you may want to use based on how you and your organization work.

Ben Stegink

Microsoft Cloud Architect and Microsoft 365 MVP

Jacksonville, Florida, United States


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