From silence to psychological safety in an Agile team

In 1986, the Space Shuttle Challenger disintegrated in the skies over the United States. The reason? Nobody dared say there was a problem with the thrusters' design. Everyone knew it.
In 2015, dieselgate was revealed to the general public. Why? No one dared denounce the fraudulent practices. Everyone knew.

In 2023, what do you know about your project? Who really dares to speak out? How are you applying the first value of the Agile Manifesto? Yes, you do: people and their interactions rather than processes and tools.
The culture of silence has gradually taken hold in our society, and talking has become a real risk.

I invite you to this conference to discover what we call "psychological safety", which is now a major issue for large organizations. We'll look at its principles, how to measure it and how to maintain it in an Agile team. Based on my many years of experience, you'll be able to interact directly during the conference... if you dare to speak up.

Anyone concerned about their colleagues

Benoît Darroux

Sopra Steria - Agile Coach / Professional Coach

Toulouse, France


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