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Master the internal workings of .NET with the CIL and CLR

All .NET Languages (C#, VB.NET, F#) run on the same runtime (CLR) and compile down to the same Common Intermediate Language (CIL), knowing more about the CIL will help you design and build better .NET solutions. This introductory level talk will focus on the CIL and the CLR and how your code works. We'll explore how C#/VB.NET and other .NET languages compile down to the CIL and how you can read CIL to gain a better understanding of the framework and how you code actually runs.

Bill Dinger

Senior Technical Lead, Ameritas

Bill is a Senior Technical Lead at Ameritas working on delivering digital solutions to our clients. Over the last 15 years Bill has worked in enterprise IT starting in the trenches on the help desk. After that, Bill spent almost a decade working in infrastructure support focusing in the Microsoft stack. Over the last 5 years Bill has been developing, architecting and leading teams of software developers. During that time Bill has done everything from troubleshoot dial up connections in rural Nebraska to building the digital experiences for some of America's most well known brands.

When not working, Bill will probably be found on his bike exploring gravel roads in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. (company)

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