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The GUI is a prison: Automate your infrastructure with Ansible

Configuring your infrastructure through the GUI or shell is a buggy, time consuming, hard to audit and error prone exercise. In this session learn how to use Ansible to configure your servers, switches, docker containers and everything in between with code. Learn practical tips, tricks, and demo code to get you started right away on both windows & linux and learn why you'll never want to use the GUI again.

Ansible is a free open source infrastructure as code tool. Unlike its major competitors Ansible is free, doesn't need deployed agents, and has a large community backed pipeline of configuration help and documentation. In this session we'll walk attendees through an intro to what it can do and how they can get started as well as what problems we solve with Ansible.

Bill Dinger

Senior Technical Lead, Ameritas

Bill is a Senior Technical Lead at Ameritas working on delivering digital solutions to our clients. Over the last 15 years Bill has worked in enterprise IT starting in the trenches on the help desk. After that, Bill spent almost a decade working in infrastructure support focusing in the Microsoft stack. Over the last 5 years Bill has been developing, architecting and leading teams of software developers. During that time Bill has done everything from troubleshoot dial up connections in rural Nebraska to building the digital experiences for some of America's most well known brands.

When not working, Bill will probably be found on his bike exploring gravel roads in his hometown of Lincoln, Nebraska. (company)

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