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Portland, Maine, United States

Capture the Flag Challenges Explained

Come join me for this session where we go over the solutions to the Capture the Flag challenges. Whether you've been working on them all week or this is the first you hear of it, we're going to have some fun figuring out the answers to these security-related puzzles. You'll see a little cryptography, a little hacking and a little nonsense.
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Bob Crowley

Sr. Software Developer, .Net

Bob Crowley is a Senior Software Developer in Portland Maine where he builds solutions in the .Net and Azure ecosystems. He has been writing bugs for over 17 years, mostly in the financial industry despite (or because?) still not knowing the difference between a debit and a credit.

In his free time he likes to make the most of both weeks of Maine's summer out on the water either in a kayak or saltwater fishing.

Find Bob on twitter @contrivedex and see his occasional ramblings on

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