For the DotNoobs! Leveling up your c# (part 2)

So you have some C# experience but you're still a little green. Chances are you are making common mistakes without realizing it. This session will accelerate your experience level in just one hour by pointing out things you will never do wrong again, and do so in an easy to understand way.

If you attended my DotNoobs session before, this is completely new content. If you haven't, each topic stands on it's own and no prior knowledge is assumed or required.

We'll cover as many mini-topics as we can in 60 minutes:

Initialization and execution order of properties, fields and constructors.

Gotchas, behavior and guidance of method overloading.

Why you can't make encryption secure if your app has access to keys. If your app can decrypt, then so can your user!

Working with databinding instead of against it.

What it really means to close an ADO.Net database connection and why you should not try to manipulate the connection pool.

Why Path.Combine() exists and why you should always use it.

Deferred vs. immediate execution of Linq queries and the implications on performance.

Why GUIDs typically make a terrible database primary key.

The myth of Disposable and memory leaks. You are not really leaking memory unless you are writing to unmanaged memory or you are using a poorly written library that does.

Target audience: New(ish) to c#. Applies to developers experienced in other languages.

Bob Crowley

Software Engineer, .NET

Portland, Maine, United States


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