Leveling up your C#

A programming language is more than syntax. Behavior and use are idiomatic; to be effective you need to know the nuances of the language. In this session you learn how to easily avoid some of the most common C# mistakes that really make a difference in the quality of your software. Whether you are a junior(ish) developer or you’re coming from another language, there are several common things often done incorrectly, or that could be done better. Some things you will never do wrong again include:

- Async/Await basics: possible duplicate of async/await basics
- Encryption Mistakes: TMI
- Parameters in ADO.Net: What is your quest? “To seek the index”
- Exception Handling: Don’t throw the stack out with the bath water
- By ref Reference Type arguments: I object!
- IDisposable: Knowing when it’s time to let go

Presented previously at Boston and Vermont Code Camps.

Bob Crowley

Software Engineer, .NET

Portland, Maine, United States

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