Modern Web Automation Testing

Modern web applications require a modern tool for automated testing. Something that can handle both mobile and desktop, async operations, shadow DOM, all the browsers and much more.

Enter Playwright. Designed for all the needs of modern applications, Playwright checks all the boxes.

This session is all about getting to know how Playwright works and seeing its features in action. Features like Codegen to generate tests by recording user actions, the Inspector which allows you to step through detailed history, the Trace Viewer that captures detailed execution information, recording videos and screenshots and an overview of the API.

Demos will use Typescript, but this cross platform tool also supports javascript, Python, .NET and Java.

So ditch those flaky tests, grab a tool that has all-inclusive features and enjoy reliable end-to-end testing for building robust web UI's.

Bob Crowley

Software Engineer, .NET

Portland, Maine, United States


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