Postman Delivers! A Deep Dive into API Testing.

Whether you are a tester or a developer of HTTP API’s, chances are you are already using Postman to some degree. Chances are also that you are missing out on some of the advanced goodness. Using only features of the free version, this session introduces you to effective use of these features to save time, reduce errors and share your work.

You learn how to :

- unclutter your collections with environments
- create dynamic requests with the powerful scripting environment
- chain requests (never run a separate utility to generate auth tokens again!)
- data drive an entire suite of tests with just a few clicks.
- backup and share your work
- automate the whole shebang from the command line, optionally with reports
- much more...

Ditch the click/wait/verify/repeat cycle! Many concepts presented here apply to API testing in general, whether you use another tool or test with code only. Save time and gain confidence in your software.

This is an updated version of a presentation that has been well received at various meetups, code camps and conferences. Here is a link to a (free) Pluralsight recording from CodeMash 2020.

Bob Crowley

Software Engineer, .NET

Portland, Maine, United States


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