Power Apps Component Framework

Don't let Citizen Developers have all the fun! There is a place for pro devs in the Power Platform too. This session introduces the Power Apps Component Framework, which allows you to build code components for model and canvas apps. What are code components? Code Components are user interface objects that you build yourself with custom logic, implemented with typescript. Imagine if the Power Platform lacked a gallery component. You could build that! In this session we will demonstrate a real world component implementation that you can download and use today.

To lay the ground work, we will briefly review the concept of solutions, then we will dive right into the Power Apps command line interface to generate a componet project. We will go over the project assets and the typescript implementation of a custom component that you can use in your apps and even share on AppSource. Finally, we will import this component into a Power App and see how it is used along side all the other UI elements you are already familiar with.

Other conferences include Code Mash, Tech Bash, Agile+DevOps West, as well as numerous code camps and meetups. This session is designed for a 60 minute time slot.

Bob Crowley

Software Engineer, .NET

Portland, Maine, United States

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