Bob Fornal

Information & Communications Technology

Front-End Development JavaScript Angular AngularJS React Ionic HTML CSS SASS LESS SVG

Columbus, United States

Single-Threaded and Asynchronous JavaScript?

This talk has been also called, "JavaScript Enjoys Your Tears".

This session takes a look at how JavaScript manages asynchronous events and some of the ways developer decisions may work for, or against them.

This discussion will examine the ways that JavaScript coordinates and manages events using several coding choices and we can determine which are the good, the bad, and ... the ugly.

Bob Fornal

Senior Developer with Leading EDJE: Husband, father, and programmer

Husband, father, and ... programmer (senior developer). My focus is on front-end development:

* JavaScript
* AngularJS and Angular
* React
* Ionic

"Learning from my mistakes over the decades, I feel that I have become a solid programmer." -- Me

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