Branislav Jenco

Information & Communications Technology

JavaScript React Redux functional programming python Graphics

Oslo, Norway

What's cooking for JavaScript: a look at current TC39 proposals

In this lightning talk, I go over the current proposals for new language features in JavaScript and their current status. Pipelines, decorators, null coalescing and more is coming, but when? And how will it look like?

Branislav Jenco

Software Developer at Sesam

I'm a software developer at Sesam, an iPaaS company based in Oslo, where I'm dividing my time between frontend (React/Redux) and backend (Python).

I have previously worked as a full-stack developer at Nornir in Oslo. In 2016 I took a summer internship at CERN, where I built a small web application website for displaying data about beamlines operating in CERNs North & East Experimental Areas.

I have a Bachelor degree in Computer Graphics and Visualizations from Masaryk University in Brno, Czech Republic. Currently I am also studying for a Masters degree at IFI UiO in Oslo. I enjoy solving problems that deal with processing and visualizing data and I'm interested in developer tooling, programming language theory and software architecture. I'm a big fan of React's declarative programming model.

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