Brian Korzynski

What is a Command Bus?

There has been a lot of buzz in recent years around the concept of a command bus, but if you've never used it before it can be intimidating. During this talk we will break down the basic concepts, build our own command bus, discuss pros and cons, and review different frameworks that make this work easy. By creating our own command bus we can see exactly what it does and how it works so that it will no longer be a black box. This will give you a practical introduction so that you can get started implementing this in your apps today.

Brian Korzynski

Senior Machine Learning Engineer

Brian Korzynski is a Senior Machine Learning Engineer at one of Detroit's best companies, United Shore. He has had an extensive career in Microsoft technologies working for a variety of companies both large and small. Working in many industries such as logistics, manufacturing, compliance, and finance has given him a wide variety of knowledge and skills that he wants to share with the world. Currently he is working on a variety of machine learning and artificial intelligence applications to aid in the mortgage process.

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