Cameron Dwyer

Information & Communications Technology

Getting your feet wet with Modern Office Add-in development without drowning

Office is now available on any device, come and learn how the Office extensibility model has changed to allow modern Office Add-ins to run everywhere that Office does. If you are looking to get started developing modern Office add-ins or want a refresher on where this exciting new extensibility model is up to this is the session for you.

We will also cover some key tips and pitfalls to watch out for as you dive into developing modern add-ins.

Attendees can expect to walk away with:
• Overview of why the add-in model has changed so vastly from the previous model
• Clear breakdown and explanation of the anatomy of a modern add-in
• Explanation (and demos) of the different extensibility contexts (canvases and extensibility points)
• Appreciation of the technologies involved and choice that need to be made
• Demonstration and understanding of the new deployment model

• Save yourself a lot of reading and take your add-in knowledge from zero to (somewhat) confident in one session
• Stay up to date on the latest on the add-in extensibility model which is rapidly evolving.
• Learn about developing add-ins from someone responsible for doing it commercially at scale.

Cameron Dwyer

Microsoft MVP | CTO @ OnePlace Solutions

Cameron Dwyer is the Chief Technology Officer at OnePlace Solutions where he oversees a product portfolio focused on the Microsoft Office 365 & SharePoint eco-system. With over 20 years experience as a developer and consultant in collaboration technologies, Cameron has been actively involved in the SharePoint community since 2007 and is a Microsoft MVP in Office Development.

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