Dimensional Data Modeling in Power BI for the very Beginner

Power BI works at its best when Data Model is based on Star Schemas achieved applying Dimensional Data Modeling practices. In my experience as a Data Consultant and a Trainer, I find that one of the biggest struggles Power BI Professionals face, is having a bad Data Model design, which then leads to: bad performance, incorrect results displaying, complex (sometimes considered impossible) DAX calculations to be used, and a Data Model that ends up not being clear nor scalable.

If you are completely new or just starting with Dimensional Data Modeling for Power BI, this session is for you! We will focus on basic concepts and terminologies, building a Star Schema Design from scratch and finally applying the Design using Power BI Desktop and Power Query.

Cecilia Brusatori

Founder of Magna Data - Empowering organizations through Data!

Miami, Florida, United States

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