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London, England, United Kingdom

Team skills at 600Mph and 40,000ft.

As an Airline pilot I have to work as a member of a close nit team to ensure that the 200 tonne aircraft with 215 people get from point A to point B without featuring on that nights news. We often do this as a team of 12-14 people, most we have never met before with differing views and experience. So how do we manage this to ensure that we act as One Team to achieve a safe outcome.
My talk will be about the skills Crew use day to day in the Airline industry and how they too could help your team work together. From CRM (Crew Resource Management), the dreaded SARAH cycle to little tricks to get the team together and working towards the common goal.

Clifford Agius

Freelance Developer that just so happens to fly a Boeing 787 around the world.

Clifford Agius, Freelance .NET Developer and also blogs from time to time, is currently a two-time Developer Technologies MVP, specialising in Xamarin/.NET MAUI and IoT. By day, an airline pilot flying Boeing 787 aircraft around the world and when not doing that, Clifford freelances as a .NET developer. An active member of the .NET community, he is a regular speaker at conferences around the world.

Clifford graduated as an engineer from the Ford Technical Training Centre in 1995. After 11 years as an electrical/mechanical engineer working with Robotics and PLC Programming, he trained to become an Airline Pilot in 2001. Clifford became a Microsoft Valued Professional (MVP) in 2020 and went on to earn it again in 2021.

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